My projects

JavaScriptFirebaseWeb Design


A real-time scoreboard web app for baseball teams

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JavaScriptWeb DesignArbor Park

School District Website

Modern design and intuitive navigation

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Code Autograder

Grades student-submitted code automatically

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JavaScriptWeb Design

Personal Calendar

My class schedule, designed with Material 3 guidelines

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Pit Boss Database

A frontend and backend solution for customer and game management at a casino

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Various enhancements for Rose-Hulman websites

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JavaGame DesignRose-Hulman

Arcade Game

Platformer game created in Java Swing

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JavaScriptFirebaseWeb DesignRose-Hulman

Escape Room Game

Randomized puzzles, player statistics, and data security

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Computer ArchitectureRose-Hulman

Processor Project

An efficient stack and accumulator processor

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Computer ArchitectureRose-Hulman

Processor Research

Nintendo Switch vs Valve Steam Deck

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